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We are a certified operator of petroleum products. We are dedicated to the purchase and sale of fuel in the domestic and import market. We offer our products to service stations, distributors and large consumers. Our next objective is to diversify into the alternative energy market.

We are a small large operator that has as its main asset its great human team and its own know-how with which we serve every day our consolidated portfolio of clients nationally.


Service stations

The service stations that have freedom of purchase are our main customer, we can serve them throughout the national territory.


We cater to the needs of home fuel distributors who offer personalized attention to individuals, companies and farmers.

Final consumers

They are those large consumers with full tank capacity and are usually supplied directly from operators.


“It’s very simple and it comes down to one word: RELIABILITY”


Our main activity is the sale of diesel and gasoline in complete tanks. We currently make product available to our customers throughout the peninsula as we offer diesel and gasoline at the 24 CLH terminals that we currently have active.

Join the Jadash spirit!


Our brand inspires our spirit.

The Spirit of Jadash

Commitment to our customers goes beyond business management. We want to offer you the treatment and service you deserve, speaking the same language and adapting to the needs of gas stations, distributors and entrepreneurs who work to keep your business open 365 days a year. In Jadash you’ll have tools you won’t find in any other oil company.

And we want our spirit and the way we work to remain and make a mark on the hydrocarbons sector. We were born with the intention of lasting in time, of set the tone in the sector and offer stability to our users, being a solid company, unlike others that appear and disappear depending on the market.

Innovation and the environment

Jadash is a unique company in the oil sector because of the high quality standards and safety we offer our customers. We carry out our activity with maximum environmental protection thanks to our efficient processes, the cutting-edge technology we use and, above all, the commitment of our workers and the ability to adapt to the changes in regulations that affect our sector.

We are a sustainable oil company with high performance in the energy sector. They recognize us for our excellence to generate value and offer innovative and quality solutions to our users and stakeholders, always in an environmentally friendly way and committed to society.